spectrum-534218_1920Everything is made of energy – the air we breathe, the food we eat, even the thoughts we think. It’s not just theory but proven scientific fact. The universe, our planet and ourselves – all energy! Different types of energies have varying patterns and rates at which they move, or vibrate. For instance, air molecules move around at a different rate than the molecules which comprise your favorite flower, or your physical body, or the big beautiful tree you see out your living room window. Even big heavy rocks, seemingly solid and stable, are moving!  There’s so much going on around us on a subatomic level; energetic waveforms and vibrational patterns that we cannot see or hear, but that are always active and always there – it is the nature of life itself!


Energy can make you FEEL different. Compare a tranquil forest to a busy shopping mall. What feels more calming? Or the energy exchange between someone you love compared to someone who, for whatever reason, is difficult for you to be around. How does each leave you feeling afterwards? Even colors carry energy; blue and green can be cool and calming, yellow can be energetic and cheerful, and so on. So many different energies – so many different ways in which they can affect our mood and well-being.



Stated in a very basic way, Energy Healing uses a holistic approach to promote energetic balance on multiple levels. It helps keep energy flowing as it should, and if that energy is not flowing, it helps release blockages so that it can. It can assist in removing energy that is old, stagnant and no longer serves.  Energy Healing can be utilized to assist living things such as ourselves and our pets, but there is so much more! Various techniques can be utilized on physical places and things too, where the energy could use cleaning and adjustment. Energy Healing can also be utilized for help in life situations you may be dealing with, as well as relationships that may be challenging.


There are so many wonderful techniques of Energy Healing! The primary method that Fifth Element Healing LLC uses is Reiki, a very well known and highly regarded Japanese technique. The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words, Rei and Ki, which together mean “spiritually guided life force energy.”  A Reiki Practitioner channels the healing energy, which goes to where it is most needed. Reiki promotes relaxation and stress reduction, which in turn promotes healing.


Healing Touch For Animals techniques may also be used. Whereas Reiki uses a more generalized approach to balance energies, Healing Touch For Animals has many specific techniques to help bring the energetic subtle anatomy into balance. Healing Touch For Animals was developed to help our friends in the animal kingdom, but these techniques can be applied to people too!

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Fifth Element Healing LLC also utilizes the amazing healing power of crystals among its services offered. Remember that bit earlier about big heavy rocks, though appearing solid and stable, but which are actually moving? The nature of the energetic vibrational make-up of a crystal is reliably consistent. This is a primary factor in why crystals are such a wonderful tool to effect change and to restore resonance and energetic balance.