It is a pleasure to recommend Jacki Marson. She is a compassionate, focused and caring healer and intuitive with many gifts in her spiritual toolbox to share. She has a heart for people and animals and a beautiful way of connecting that brings spiritual insight, clarity and healing. Jacki is both spiritually centered and practical. Through her Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals and crystal energy work, she is a great resource to help you get to the heart of the matter, to help bring balance, healing and mind, body and spirit insight, especially during times of challenge and transition.

The joy she has for connecting, communicating and healing is astounding. She is excellent at tuning into and sharing information that helps with communication and offers practical guidance. As to pets, I have called on Jacki often to assist with working through challenging behaviors and illness of my three cats.  She always provides a neutral, helpful spiritual perspective of what is going on with them in their environment, their bodies and with their energies. I notice immediate results when she provides healing and attention to my animals, not only for them, but also in bringing me peace and reassurance.

Jacki is the real deal, with natural healing and intuitive gifts, and a full complement of skills and techniques gleaned through learning, research and practical application with extraordinary results. I don’t make this recommendation lightly. I’m an intuitive healer myself and have known, worked with and been impressed by Jacki for many years. I’m so grateful she is putting out her shingle and offering to share her amazing gifts with us and our animals.

Jody Doty Soul Reader

Gig Harbor, WA

When my dog had serious digestive issues, I asked Jacki to do a distance healing session for Dobby. Her appetite was affected and the elimination issues had become persistent and scary. As soon as Jacki started connecting energetically with my dog, Dobby started to improve. The next day, during her “official” distance healing session, Jacki was so highly attuned to Dobby’s energy that she even knew when we had gone outside together. She was able to zero-in on the issues – both physical and emotional; and the healing she directed to Dobby had immediate results. Less than 1 week later, Dobby is back to normal, eating normally and displaying no other symptoms.

Tana Schott, CCTPT, RM

Tracyton, WA

I cannot recommend Jacki more highly. She has a genuine kindness, inner beauty, joy of life and the foreknowledge and abilities of a healer. I esteem every session with her as a precious gift.

When I initially met Jacki, I was having wellness concerns and sensing frustration within my body.  After experiencing my first session I had a spiritual sense that my body as a whole was radiant, sacred, and just as it needed to be – that had never happened before! You will feel a very powerful, positive energy during Jacki’s Reiki sessions. Most of all you will have been treated with thoughtfulness and consideration.

Jacki does this practice to assist people. Her genuine intention invariably comes across.

Dr. Peter Sousa M.D.A.M.

Houston, TX

My work as a mental health provider can at times be overwhelming.  I work for a community mental health program with individuals who have persistent and severe mental health disorders as well as drug and alcohol abuse and/or dependence.

Looking for guidance with this work, I am blessed to have met Jacki as she has been integral in my quest to find my center and feel more relaxed when working with this vulnerable population.  Through a series of visualization exercises Jacki has helped me with grounding, as well as having an increased awareness of the energy both around my personal space and within myself.  These are techniques that at first seemed silly or odd (as I was unfamiliar with what ‘grounding’ even was), but I was able to trust her and trust the process and soon began to rely on them as I could feel that interaction with these techniques brought to my work a more balanced, composed and present alliance with each client and each situation.  I utilize these exercises daily and contribute much of my success with clients to my ability to use them.  I would recommend Jacki to anyone who is curious about who they are and how they interact with their environment and life situation.

Paige Boren, MS, CDP

Bainbridge Island, WA

I was telling Jacki how tired I was and she offered to send me a “vitality beam”. I said OK and I’ll be darned, three minutes later I felt electric and energized. It definitely worked and I felt so much better afterwards.

Gloria G., Singer Songwriter

Houston, TX

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