Jacki_June2017_Pic2Jacki is a Reiki Master, Healing Touch For Animals Practitioner, Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner and Ordained Interfaith Minister. With a passion for helping animals, she provides energy healing services for pets (and people too)!

Born and raised in Washington State, surrounded by the beauty of evergreen trees, water and mountains, it is no wonder that from a young age she was fascinated by nature and the mysteries and wonders of the universe. Nikola Tesla was famously quoted: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Learning about and training in energy healing opened up new doors for Jacki that felt not only fascinating and profound, but also like she had “come home”. Using various techniques, she serves as a conduit to help bring these energies into balance for you or your pet companion. In her work Jacki strives to bring a clearer understanding as to how the various situations and environments we encounter in our daily lives have the potential to affect us on an energetic level so that we can in turn practice managing our own energy in positive ways.

Energy healing services can be facilitated in person (within Kitsap County, Washington State) or done distantly to anywhere in the world. There are no boundaries with distance work – energy flows where intention goes!

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