How can Energy Healing Services benefit you and your pets?

Energy Healing Practitioners serve as a conduit to help facilitate the body’s own ability to heal.  Potential benefits for recipients of Energy Healing Services include:


  • Stress Reduction and Improved Relaxation
  • Pain Reduction and Relief
  • Support in Recovery After Illness or Injury
  • Releasing Energies Associated with Past Trauma
  • Coping with Grief or Loss
  • An Improved Overall Sense of Wellbeing


Distance Energy Healing Services – Energy Flows Where Intention Goes!

Heart HandsWhy choose distance Energy Healing Services?  There are no time or space barriers with distance energy healing, which allows for greater flexibility in timing your session to meet your needs.  It does not matter where you are located physically – the energy will come to you even if you are thousands of miles away!  Most recipients choose to lay down and relax during the agreed upon session time to more fully experience the session, but this is not necessary – the energy will still be received whether you are relaxing or actively engaging in work or play.  Distance Energy Healing Services for pets are also a great choice.  Not only does it provide for the same convenience factor in timing of the session as it does for people, it additionally allows the pet to experience the session in their own familiar environment.  This can provide great benefit for the pet’s comfort while receiving the session, especially if they are shy, anxious or experiencing health issues.


Distance Energy Healing Sessions for Pets and People

Jacki will connect energetically to you or your pet and serve as a conduit, allowing healing energy to flow.  During the session a variety of energy healing techniques may be used – Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals, crystal therapy, sound therapy and others. Once your healing session is complete a report will be compiled and E-mailed to you noting the results.


30 Minute Energy Healing Session for Pet – $80.00





30 Minute Energy Healing Session for Person – $80.00





Other Services:


Energetic Space Clearing – $80.00

angel-2370616_1920Just like pets and people, land and homes can sometimes use an “energetic tune-up”. Places can hold onto old, stagnant energy, whether it be from past events that occurred there, strong personalities that have made an energetic imprint that continues to linger, or simply from the fact that they have been occupied for a period of time by someone else.  Not only is an energetic space clearing a wonderful way to honor a newly purchased dwelling, in some cases where there is some apparent difficulty in the sale of a home, performing an energetic space clearing can help do a “re-set”, thus making the land and home more fresh, ready and inviting for prospective buyers.  Jacki will connect energetically to your location to perform a blessing, clean the energy associated with it and bring it into the present time.





Mt.Rainier_mountain-693521_1920Energy Healing Services Offered In Person Locally (Kitsap County area, Washington State)

In-person Energy Healing Services can also be provided locally (Kitsap County area, Washington State) at your requested location.  These services include Energy Healing Services sessions for Pets and People, Energetic Space Clearings, as well as educational and guided meditation sessions for individuals and small groups.

Please E-mail Jacki at to share about your specific in-person service request and to discuss availability and customized pricing.

Services Disclaimer

Jacki Marson of Fifth Element Healing LLC is not a licensed healthcare professional and does not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe for medical conditions.  Services provided by Fifth Element Healing LLC are meant to be used as holistic supportive services only. Services do not provide any type of guarantee for a specific outcome and do not replace the advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment provided by a licensed medical (or veterinary) healthcare professional.