Healing involves energy. Why? EVERYTHING is made of energy – our bodies, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the thoughts we think, etc. It’s not just theory but proven scientific fact. Based on this, healing of any type requires the shifting of energies to help make it so.

Healing Through Energy Work, such as Reiki and other modalities, can be utilized to assist ourselves, our animals, and physical places, too! Energy Work offers a holistic approach to promoting energetic balance on multiple levels, releasing blockages and allowing energy to flow in a more positive, connected way.

Healing Through Life Coaching, particularly in concert with Energy Work, guides people on a path of self-exploration towards positive change and growth. Long held patterns and beliefs that do not serve can keep us spinning our wheels in frustration, wondering if life will ever get better and if so, how do we get there? That’s where an effective Life Coach comes in – to ask, listen, encourage, and help their client find the best way forward with action steps that feel right and resonate for them.

Watch this space for new Service Offerings coming soon via MaestroPop™, our online portal!

Services will include Human Design offerings such as Maestro Your Design™, Tarot by Design™ and EmBodyShop™!

Have you ever thought of your body as a vehicle for your soul? Through engagement in an online group setting, EmBodyShop™ will focus on your human vehicle – mind, body, spirit and emotions, through the lens of understanding and embodying your unique Human Design. We’ll talk shop and you’ll receive energetic tune-ups to help your vehicle run smoothly on the road that lies ahead!

Keep an eye out (and ears open) for the Dayglo Dolphin Podcast™, also forthcoming. A Different Life Coach™ speaks and invites you to take a swim in the soundwaves!