Jody Doty

Gig Harbor, WA | Soul Reader |

It is a pleasure to recommend Jacki Marson. She is a compassionate, focused and caring healer and intuitive with many gifts in her spiritual toolbox to share. She has a heart for people and animals and a beautiful way of connecting that brings spiritual insight, clarity and healing. Jacki is both spiritually centered and practical. Through her Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals and crystal energy work, she is a great resource to help you get to the heart of the matter, to help bring balance, healing and mind, body and spirit insight, especially during times of challenge and transition.

The joy she has for connecting, communicating and healing is astounding. She is excellent at tuning into and sharing information that helps with communication and offers practical guidance. As to pets, I have called on Jacki often to assist with working through challenging behaviors and illness of my three cats. She always provides a neutral, helpful spiritual perspective of what is going on with them in their environment, their bodies and with their energies. I notice immediate results when she provides healing and attention to my animals, not only for them, but also in bringing me peace and reassurance.

Jacki is the real deal, with natural healing and intuitive gifts, and a full complement of skills and techniques gleaned through learning, research and practical application with extraordinary results. I don’t make this recommendation lightly. I’m an intuitive healer myself and have known, worked with and been impressed by Jacki for many years. I’m so grateful she is putting out her shingle and offering to share her amazing gifts with us and our animals.