Paige Boren

Bainbridge Island, WA | MS, CDP |

My work as a mental health provider can at times be overwhelming. I work for a community mental health program with individuals who have persistent and severe mental health disorders as well as drug and alcohol abuse and/or dependence.

Looking for guidance with this work, I am blessed to have met Jacki as she has been integral in my quest to find my center and feel more relaxed when working with this vulnerable population. Through a series of visualization exercises Jacki has helped me with grounding, as well as having an increased awareness of the energy both around my personal space and within myself. These are techniques that at first seemed silly or odd (as I was unfamiliar with what ‘grounding’ even was), but I was able to trust her and trust the process and soon began to rely on them as I could feel that interaction with these techniques brought to my work a more balanced, composed and present alliance with each client and each situation. I utilize these exercises daily and contribute much of my success with clients to my ability to use them. I would recommend Jacki to anyone who is curious about who they are and how they interact with their environment and life situation.