Prosperity, Abundance, and Why Words Matter

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Many wonderful teachers in the spiritual and wellness community speak of “manifesting abundance”. There are countless success stories for sure, but it has also become clear to me, abundantly so I might humorously add, that sometimes this well-intentioned teaching doesn’t … Read More

When Niching Down Doesn’t Feel Good

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Business marketing experts generally recommend defining a very specific, honed in niche so that you can attract the right client demographic to work with you. In other words, “niche down”. Along those lines and as a former colleague of mine … Read More


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Most of us have experienced recurring dreams at some point in our lives and wondered what they meant. For years, one of my dreams was of the horse my parents had until I was around five years old. Most of … Read More

Pollen Announces Its Arrival!

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Spring officially arrived earlier this week according to the calendar, and even earlier than that if our friend pollen has anything to say about it! Welcome Spring and hello, pollen – you announced your arrival in a big way for … Read More

Learning By Playing

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I’ve recently begun learning my way around some new to me apps and computer programs. If I am learning a new skill, I do A LOT better at retaining the information if I get to “play” when I practice using … Read More

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