Prosperity, Abundance, and Why Words Matter

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Many wonderful teachers in the spiritual and wellness community speak of "manifesting abundance". There are countless success stories for sure, but it has also become clear to me, abundantly so I might humorously add, that sometimes this well-intentioned teaching doesn't always work. You may have noticed this, too. If it always worked, we would have achieved world peace ages ago and eating too much chocolate wouldn't make people fat. Am I right?! I digress...

A failure to manifest what you want, or even just a frustrating delay to procure one's desires, can be for all kinds of reasons. More clear focus may be required by the person attempting to manifest, various life lessons may still need to be learned, and soul contracts (karmic agreements) can affect how things go, too. However, it may also have to do with the core definition of the word "abundance".

Abundance means a large or ample quantity of something. you see where there might be an issue with this word choice if you are not specific?

Abundance of fear.

Abundance of lack.

Abundance of failure.

Those are just a few examples. YIKES!

Abundance is a perfectly wonderful word, if it is used in a VERY clear way (and if not, well, see above). ACK! Ptooey! Just....NO.

I would like to suggest another word for use in manifesting the good stuff in life. That word is "prosperity".

Prosperity means the condition of being successful or thriving. Financial wealth is typically the most common association made in regards to prosperity, but it can be applied to many things. Being healthy is prosperous, living peacefully is prosperous, obtaining (insert the super cool state of being and/or thing(s) you want abundant amounts of here) is prosperous. You can also aim for "abundant prosperity"; how's that for a well worded manifestation combination?! Woohoo! "Abundantly prosperous" - wowee zowee, that's fun to say and it rolls off the tongue in a commanding, powerful way!

That's my tip for today, tomorrow and every day - give it a whirl, if you're so inclined. The Universe is ready, waiting, and listening. Order Up!