When Niching Down Doesn’t Feel Good

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Business marketing experts generally recommend defining a very specific, honed in niche so that you can attract the right client demographic to work with you. In other words, "niche down". Along those lines and as a former colleague of mine in the non-profit sector once shared, "edit to amplify". I take those words to heart and heed them when it makes sense to do so.

Most people need at least some guidance and direction to make their choices in life, and we want to make it easy and clear for them in a bright, shiny and bold way. I totally get that.

So, what's my niche?

I help people, animals, land and living spaces heal through energy work, life coaching and connection.

Now for the "niching down" part.

What kind of people?

People from all walks of life and lived experiences who want to move forward in a more positive, peaceful and fulfilling way. Humankind. Us. We are living in challenging times, but we don't have to make it so gosh darn hard for ourselves. It's time to heal, individually and collectively. Energy work and life coaching can help us get there.

What kind of animals?

Animals from, well, the animal kingdom. The ones that have fur, fins, feathers and whatnot. Cats, dogs, horses, etc. Dolphins, even. All can benefit from receiving energy work, just like us humans. Seeking healing help for your dolphin? Heck yeah, I would love to help your dolphin, though they may actually want help with you. (Cue dolphin laughter).

What kind of land and living spaces? 

The ones here on Earth, where the aforementioned people and animals live and hang out. The Earth is a mighty big place but thankfully, what I do has no distance boundaries. Quantum entanglement is really, really cool like that.

Some well-meaning experts reading all of this might be cringing, and/or shaking their heads because yes, that's a huge demographic. I haven't niched down...down...WAAAAY DOWN. In fact, I am being purposefully broad. VERY BROADLY BROAD. It's okay. You do you, I do me.

For me personally, to niche down would deny and suppress the very parts of myself which are creative, fun and HELPFUL in so many ways, both to me and to you! I will not make myself appear smaller than who I am and what I do to fit into a constrictive, tiny little box which feels stifling, diminishing and unproductive. It serves no beneficial purpose. Niching down wouldn't allow me to authentically and unapologetically embody who I am so that I can most effectively serve you, my clients and prospective clients, in the best way possible.

You see, I am a polymath. Continually learning and experiencing, I do my healing work in a multidimensional way. My heart and brain are energetic playgrounds full of feelings and knowings. Tangents and concepts mix, match and gather to form bright ideas and helpful solutions. I cross reference and find patterns. I see random bits of information that others miss and connect them together to make sense. I earned the nickname "Eagle Eye" at a prior workplace for very good reason, flying high to observe the overall view, invoking laser focused sight to discern the details. It's how I'm built.

Quite truly, if you knew how many times my assistance and input have made a positive impact, in a wide range of environments and scenarios, you absolutely would not question me on this.

Let's make a visit to Metaphor Land. 

Can an oven bake you a cake, and/or roast your fresh asparagus, and/or braise your roast? Yes!

I can be like an oven, helping you cook up something you love, not your Grandma Bertha's gag-inducing liver and onions which still serves up a king-sized plate of potent nightmare fuel every time you think about it. You are an adult now; you can choose what tastes good, leaves you feeling healthfully nourished, and lets you sleep soundly at night!

Can a wood lathe make a table leg, and/or baseball bat, and/or lots of other useful and cool stick shaped things? Sure can!

I can be like a lathe, helping you shave off what's not needed so you can put what remains to good use in a way that's designed especially for you. Choosing the right tools to craft our creative efforts can yield results which are smooth, polished and beautiful.

Can a nature park bring forth solitude, and/or connectedness to the world around you, and/or adventure? Can it bring clarity and peace to heart and mind? Yes!

I can walk you through the park of your choosing, in finely orchestrated and divine nature, to help you find the places and paths you wish to explore.

Maybe you'd like to lay in a lush green meadow with grass and wildflowers. You gaze at the sky and laugh with the cloud faces looking back at you as they shift and move with the wind. You finally feel peace and see that one of those faces reminds you of the hobby you've wanted to try since you can't remember when. Time has always gotten in the way, and so have your feelings of unworthiness. Divine nature helps you find the time and your insatiable curiosity leads you forward to exciting results.

Perhaps your park has a strong and mighty tree that grounds you to Earth and guides you to feel the deep knowing that you are connected; that we are all connected, and that you matter. This wise tree helps you realize you can weather the storms that pass through, bending to the wind while staying strongly rooted in who you are. Divine nature helps you to stand tall and inspires you to grow more each day.

Maybe your park has a whitewater river rushing through that wants to take you on a thrill-seeking ride, or a lush trail deep in the woods that beckons and piques your interest. Who do you want to be? What lies ahead? Where do you want to go? Be it river or trail, all you need is the invitation and inspiration to explore. Whether the journey is boldly loud or gently quiet, it is yours to feel, find, and be yourself. To activate the divine nature inside you. The healing path is unique to everyone and can be like a walk in the park with the right guide to help you find your way.

Our time in Metaphor Land is coming to a close but before we go, I'm pleased to share that the metaphorical wood lathe I spoke of helped me, too. It showed me that niching down is not the right choice for me. My block of wood is large and intricate; I shouldn't size it down to a toothpick to fit in a box with a whole bunch of other toothpicks. We needn't represent ourselves in ways that make us appear smaller than who we are. It doesn't feel good, and it gets really old. I don't want it for me, and I don't want it for you. Get comfortable and confident with being your big, amazing self.

I help people, animals, land and living spaces heal through energy work, life coaching and connection. I am an unboxed polymath. Interested in working with me? Let's get to it!